Hovercraft sampling & survey

Photo of hovercraft

Intertidal has developed safe and reliable methodologies for using the amphibious hovercraft to access difficult environments around the coast, in estuaries, as well as ports, harbours and rivers. The hovercraft is ideal for covering terrain where shallow water, soft sediments or strong tides make conditions impossible or dangerous for other vehicles.

We can collect a range of sediment and water samples to analyse for a range of chemical, biological and physical parameters. Additionally, the hovercraft can be used as a survey platform, for example for topographic mapping.

Typical environments made accessible by the use of the hovercraft include unconsolidated or vegetated surfaces, and shallow water. Sampling times are reduced because large distances over mixed land/water terrains can be covered rapidly

Hovercraft - more information

Photo of hovercraftIntertidal has a pair of 4-metre twin engined hovercraft, specially developed for sampling and survey work in conjunction with the manufacturer, BBV Hovercraft Ltd.

Key facts

  • Readily-deployed sampling vessel, launchable at all states of the tide
  • Efficient operation in coastal, estuary, harbour, river, and lake environments
  • Amphibious capabilities allow safe working in otherwise difficult locations
  • Ideally suited for extensive inter-tidal mud and sand flats
  • Minimal ground pressure and negligible wash generation avoid disturbance of sensitive areas
  • Payload up to 300 kg or driver and 2 additional personnel
  • Rapid transit times allow rapid sampling
  • On-board GPS for accurate location of sampling points
  • Coverage of the whole of the UK